Fannin Campus Policies

James W. Fannin

2019-2020 Dress Code

“Dress for Success”

Please remember that the “Dress for Success” dress code has been established to promote student achievement, teach grooming, and create a positive learning environment.  We want to enhance and encourage school pride, personal pride, and self –respect.



Not Allowed

Any polo shirt, t-shirt, or Fannin spirit shirt (Student Council, Choir, etc.)

Tank tops, sleeveless, backless, strapless, spaghetti straps, or see-through, trim, logos or designs

Shirts must fit appropriately

Tight fitting, crop-top or oversized shirts (example: showing mid-drift, belly button or baggy)

Sweatshirts or light jackets

Shirts, jackets, or sweatshirts with pictures depicting drugs, sexual content, gang affiliation, satanic designs, offensive pictures, scary creatures/people





Not Allowed

Any jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers.

Patches or  writing

Length should be no higher than 2 inches above the knee.

Biker shorts, nylon, mesh, spandex, or leggings

Pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers must fit appropriately.

Tight fitting or oversized pants/shorts (example: “baggy”, “sagging”)






Not Allowed

Athletic shoes are preferred due to safety reasons and physical education classes. Loafers or flats with rubber soles are allowed.

No flip-flops, clogs, heelys (wheelies), or high heeled shoes.

Students wearing boots or sandals must have a change of a change of shoes for PE.




Not Allowed

Hair must be neat and clean


Hairstyles including but not limited to: colored hair, shaved designs, Mohawks, etc.

Earrings should be safe for PE/Recess times.






For safety reasons, please keep fingernails trimmed.

Body piercing jewelry such as tongue rings, tongue studs, nose rings, and eyebrow jewelry.

Permanent or Temporary tattoos

Caps, hats, bandanas, scarves, or handkerchiefs

Mouthpieces or “grills”

Glitter, fake glasses, or eyebrow designs

Dangling necklaces, key chains, chains attached to wallets, footwear or backpacks




Throughout the school year, we will have calendar option days built into our dress code.  On option days, students may wear any style clothing as long as it meets the CCISD policy for dress and is appropriately worn.  Students must wear dress code shoes at all times.  No sandals, flip flops, or high heels on option days. 

Parents will be notified of these calendar option days through school communications.  



School Wide Celebrated Theme Days, Texas Public School’s Week (themes to be announced), Spring Pictures, and Attendance Incentive Days



Consequences for Non-compliance with Fannin “Dress for Success” Dress Code:


         1. Dress Code Reminder – Note Home

        2. Parent Contact/Note Home/Change of Clothing

        3. Change of Clothing/Parent Contact/Note Home/Conference

        4. Office referral for non-compliance

*Any student who persistently violates dress and grooming standards may be subject to other disciplinary action as stated by the Student Code of Conduct. 

*Due to constant changes in styles and trends, Fannin administration and CAT reserve the right to change the dress code.  Parents and students will be notified immediately, if changes occur during the school year. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Fannin Elementary Dress Code, please do not hesitate to contact the school principal at 878-2260.  You may also review CCISD’s Board adopted dress code online at


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